Silverball Chronicles with David and Ron

Episode 28: Pinball is Dying Part 3 – Bally-Midway

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Topic Starts at 11:11 

Episode Summary 

It’s time to revisit our ‘Pinball Is Dying’ series. This ongoing series is made to depress and to delight. What do we mean by that? Well, the pinball industry and the hobby around it has always been fragile. It has ups and downs which during its history has swung violently. Brilliant minds have come and gone. Many have been crushed by the emotional weight of competition and the stress of impending layoffs. 

Join us this month as we talk about the final Bally Manufacturing Corp games, really dumb corporate strategies, the art of an era, bodybuilding, terrible cabinet materials, a tangent for some reason about the MCU’s Iron Man, and the end of Bally-Midway. 

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