A Different Kind of Pinball Podcast

Looking for a different pinball Podcast which isn’t about current events or pinball news? Silverball Chronicles is a monthly podcast for the true pinball nerd that enjoys learning more about the complicated dynamics, politics and characters that created their favourite pinball machines.


Join Ron and Dave as they stumble through pinball history mispronouncing names, chronicling designers, telling war stories, and digging up strange and obscure facts; all while paying homage to the hobby of pinball


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  • Silverball Chronicles Episode 17: Steve Ritchie Part III: The Return…to Stern
    Episode Summary  When we last left Steve Ritchie, pinball was dead. It was done. Williams, gone. Bally, gone. Gottlieb/Premier, gone. The last manufacturer standing was Sega which ended up being sold to one Gary Stern and became today’s Stern Pinball Inc. Steve Ritchie was ready to make a return to pinball after a hiatus, but […]
  • Silverball Chronicles Ep 16: Millennium Moment- Pinball 2000
    Episode Summary Pinball was suffering in the late 1990’s. Home gaming consoles dominated households. In the decades that preceded the 90’s, people ate at home and went out for entertainment; society was changing. As a result, arcades suffered. Pinball needed something to jump-start sales. They needed to draw in a new video game that would […]
  • Silverball Chronicles Ep 15: Barry Oursler Saves Pinball
    Episode Summary Barry Oursler is a William institution. As a designer he kept the line going at Williams during the massive decline that the coin op industry experienced in the early 1980s. He designed 35 games including Space Shuttle, which ‘saved pinball.’ During the decade after Space Shuttle, Barry continued to design and collectively sold […]
  • Silverball Chronicles Ep 14: Gomez – This One Has A Lot Of Arcade Stuff
    Episode SummaryGeorge Gomez has created some of the most well received pinball machines our hobby has ever seen. He got his big break with Williams Pinball, but the current Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Stern Pinball had a big career before the silverball. His mixture of experience prior to pinball built his […]
  • Silverball Chronicles Ep 13: Pat Lawlor Part 2 – Williams Wreck’n Ball
    Episode SummaryPat Lawlor has a demeanor which has rubbed some the wrong way over the years. Let’s face it, as a designer you need to get strong personalities in line, meet corporate deadlines, push your creative vision to the edge and have the confidence in yourself that your product design will sell. Maybe part of […]


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