David Dennis


David joined the pinball hobby in the summer of 2018 after he and his wife ended up stranded over night in a hotel which happened to have an old school arcade… Remember those? From when we were kids? Shortly after it dawn on him driving back home, that he was now an adult and he could own a pinball machine if he wanted… the sickness struck. 

David’s first machine needed work to say the least and after many solder burns and blown fuses he decided to take some time and learn about the machine which sat dead in his garage. He wondered ‘who were the characters involved in building this box of lights’? That was the beginning of Silverball Chronicles. 

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“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”

Ron Hallett, Jr.



“I have many leather bound books which smell of mahogany.”

Ron its a veteran in the pinball hobby. He began collecting pinball machines in 2004 and his Level Zero basement home arcade is a marvel among the Upstate New York’s bustling pinball community! Be sure to check out Ron’s Twitch Streaming adventures on the Slam Tilt Twitch Channel.   

Ron is also the Co-Host of pinball’s longest running podcast, Slam Tilt Podcast along with lovely Bruce Nightingale. This is where David became familiar with Ron’s vast pinball knowledge, wit, elder statesmen appeal and charming good looks. Ron is an integral part of Silverball Chronicles and has brought a great deal to the podcast. 

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The Pinball Network

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The Pinball Network (TPN) is a media group dedicated to pinball shows, podcasts, videos, and streams.

In early 2020 when David and Ron considered making Silverball Chronicles it was Zach Meny and Dennis Kriesel, co-founders of The Pinball Network, who gave them a chance. Over the years TPN and Silverball Chronicles have worked together to help educate, entertain and inform everyone interested in the pinball hobby.