Silverball Chronicles with David and Ron

Episode 26: A Brief History of Pinball

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Topic Starts at 10:03

Episode Summary

A Brief History of Pinball is a great place to begin! Let’s wind the clock back WAYYY back. We’re going to visit the beginning of many ‘games’ in the early days of fancy pants Europe, the importation of table games to America, New Jersey’s part in all this, Harry Williams, Wayne Neyens, and all those innovations that make pinball, pinball!
Baffle Ball, Ballyhoo, Contact, Skyscraper, World’s Series, Rockelite Humpty Dumpty, Triple Action, Saratoga, Army Navy, SuperJumbo, Balls-a-Poppin’, Vegabond, Swing-Along, The Spirit of ’76, Flash, Gorgar, Checkpoint, Revenge from Mars, and The Wizard of Oz.

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