Episode Summary 

When we last left Steve Ritchie, pinball was dead. It was done. Williams, gone. Bally, gone. Gottlieb/Premier, gone. The last manufacturer standing was Sega which ended up being sold to one Gary Stern and became today’s Stern Pinball Inc. Steve Ritchie was ready to make a return to pinball after a hiatus, but the pinball landscape was different than when he left. He soon showed everyone he still has the touch. 

Join us this month for a super-packed episode as Ron and David talk about Terminator 3, that strange Elvis mech, the epic Spiderman game, everyone getting let go in 2008, the perfect version of Terminator 2, aka AC/DC, a section about Star Trek that goes on far too long, what the hell happened to Star Wars, the underrated Black Knight toy, the barren Led Zeppelin, and the recent Jersey Jack coup! 

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