Silverball Chronicles with David and Ron

Episode 38: By Golly It’s Bingo 

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Topic Begins at 12:12

Bingo just isn’t the game you can play at a country fair or a sketchy gambling establishment. Bingo is also the big brother to today’s modern pinball. You’ll remember we spoke about Bingo machines and the issues they had in our Brief History of Pinball episode, but we figured Bingo needed its own episode. I mean, Roger Sharpe got two episodes.

Ron and Dave (mostly Dave) crack out their 1920’s voices as they dive into the world of one-balls, bingo, and 5-balls flipper games! We discuss Bingo vs. Bingo, touch on names you should know like the geniuses Lyn Durant and Don Hooker, Miami Beach’s risqué flyer, what is so attractive about Bingo, why are there no Gottlieb Bingos, and more!

Huge thanks to Nick Baldridge and the For Amusement Only Podcast for the content of this episode. 

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