Silverball Chronicles with David and Ron Episode 34: The Capcom Debacle Part 1

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Topic Starts at 8:27

Episode Summary 

Capcom was a video game company who wanted to get into the pinball industry and ride a wave of popularity, just like Data East! Sadly, they were a victim of wrong place, wrong time. Add to that a bunch of mismanagement, Python Angelo, various lawsuits, and well… you end up like Capcom Pinball. 

Even after Capcom disappeared, the lure of what could have been remained, especially as we stumble upon a crazy collector and dreamer who ruined himself… but we will get into that in Part 2. 

Join us this month while we discover why Capcom wanted to join pinball, who they bought to table to build machines, poaching talent from Williams, the lawsuits, and ultimately, the crash and burn. 

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