Silverball Chronicle with Ron and David

Episode 19: 80s Cheese Done Right – Gottlieb 80b

Episode Summary 

The early 1980s were a boon for pinball manufacturing. Bally and Williams had transitioned to Solid State early and evolved their platform. Gottlieb struggled with System 1, and as soon as they found their stride with the new System 80 board set, pinball was dying in the early 80s.  By the mid-80s pinball was clawing its way back, but Gottlieb never regained it’s industry dominance, however it did give them more creative freedom. 

Join Ron and the better co-host Dave as they talk photo translites, horrible synth music, Jon Norris’ 8-Ball Deluxe, releasing games at warp-speed, shallow code, ripping off established licenses, Don Johnson jackets, and which System 80b games are the most underrated.    

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